Silo City/Rigidized Metals: the Design Studio and the Willow Trellis (630 Ohio Street, Buffalo, NY 14203)


11:00 AM | Welcome and Opening Remarks | Design Studio

  • Christina Milletti, Interim Director, UB Humanities Institute

11:15 AM | Session 1 | Willow Trellis

AfroRithms from the Future: After the Game

  • Ahmed Best, Co-Founder, AfroRithm Futures Group and Adjunct Professor, USC School of Dramatic Arts
  • Lonny J Avi Brooks, Co-Founder, AfroRithm Futures Group and Professor of Strategic Communication, California State University East Bay
  • moderated by Dalia Antonia Caraballo Muller, Associate Professor, UB, with featured guest players from the night before.

12:30 PM | Break

12:45 PM | Session 2

AI: from automation to animation | Willow Trellis

Artificial Limits? Moving Beyond Popular AI Narratives | Design Studio

2:00 PM | Break

2:15 PM | Session 3

Voice and AI | Willow Trellis

  • Ho Eui Holly Bewlay, Associate Professor, Music, SUNY Buffalo State
  • Chris Heffner, Assistant Professor, Communicative Disorders and Sciences, UB
  • Jeff Higginbotham, Professor, Communicative Disorders and Sciences and Director, Communication and Assistive Device Laboratory, UB

AI, Data, and Justice | Design Studio

3:30pm | Day 1 Closing Performance | Willow Trellis

  • Jonathan Golove, Associate Professor, Music and Director, Morris Center for 21st Century Music, UB presents “Neo-Future is Now: New Works for Theremin Cello”