Join UB Humanities Institute director David Castillo and executive director Christina Milletti in conversation with Dimitri Anastasopoulos and Laura Marris on Saturday, Sept. 18 at 3:45pm under the Willow Trellis.

Join our panelists—a translator, two fiction writers, and a scholar—for a conversation on the utopian possibilities of fiction at a moment when fiction has begun to intersect, more than ever before, with socio-political domains. We will speculate on how a form of writing that relies on the imagination exerts influence over the real world. In these times when fraudulent narratives increasingly exert magnetism over public discourse, our panelists will speculate on the power of fiction to find paths of resistance over “spin,” propaganda, alternative facts, imposture, and double speak. Our hope is that our conversation is just a starting point for what we hope will be an engaging conversation with the Festival audience.