Canisius College’s Anita Butera (Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice), Secil Ertorer (Associate Professor of Sociology), and Richard D. Reitsma (Associate Professor of Spanish) will present in the Design Studio on Sunday, Sept. 19 at 2:30pm.

This panel will reflect on the experiences of migrants and their perceptions of the utopic/dystopic host society based on the work of interdisciplinary researchers who study migration in a multinational context (Turkey, Italy, Mexico/Central America, Canada, and US). The panelists will discuss the utopian/dystopian push/pull factors of migration and the disillusionments of migrants, including those denied or deported back. We will explore personal stories, and the researchers’ work “on the ground” with local agencies. Finally, the panel will discuss the pedagogy of utopia/dystopia: the process of educating students and our community about migration and crafting more nuanced perspectives on Buffalo, the US, and the migration experience. Following brief remarks, we hope to engage the audience in conversation arising from audience questions.